Navy Officer Faced Court Martial For Sexually Harassing Women Officers And Proved Guilty


The recommendation of the dismissal of a senior naval officer has been forwarded by the two senior women officers putting the charge of sexual harassment. The shocking news came when the whole nation is celebrating a successful around the world journey of six naval woman officers.


In Chennai, a General Court Martial under the Eastern Naval Command tried the senior naval officer and found him guilty on three different charges. The charges of stalking and inappropriately touching the two woman officers on two different occasions were imposed and proved on him, said a senior officer to Mail Today.

The Naval officer and also the two women officers were deployed at a naval base in southern part of Tamil Nadu in Parandu. It houses a squadron with helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance, search, and rescue missions in that area.

One lady officer accused the officer for stalking her at the base and the other lady officer accused him of inappropriately touching her during a social gathering. Also, the sources said, the senior officer has no cordial terms with his wife.

The sources close to the Lieutenant Commander asserted that no independent witnesses have been found who can confirm the allegations made on the officer. And the said complaints by the two lady officers started after the officer reprimanded one of the two women officers for not following the standard operating procedures during a search and rescue mission for which she has been deployed.

Indian Navy

The officer had raised questions over the jurisdiction of the authorities to take action against him during the disciplinary proceedings.

The confirmation of Vice Admiral-rank officer is pending on the order of the court martial of the officer. The Vice Admiral-rank officer has the power to increase or decrease the quantum of punishment.

Earlier, such type of case of alleged sexual harassment reported in which a naval doctor has also been recommended for facing a court martial for twice attempting to molest a lady doctor. The lady doctor was deployed at the house of a senior naval officer in Delhi.

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