Navy on shopping for INS Vikrant


Indian Navy dumped the indigenously-built Tejas MK-I Naval version and demanded Tejas Mk-II variant which will have larger wing surface, sensor fusion, more lift off ability, LEVCONS for agility and most importantly UTTAM AESA radar which will increase the aircraft capabilities dramatically.

Indian Navy doesn’t want to handicap the capabilities of its upcoming highly capable and advance carrier fleet, that’s why Indian Navy issued RFI (Request For Information) for 57 MRCBA (Multi-Role Carrier-Bourne Aircraft).

It is believed that top contenders across the world will try to get this multi-billion dollar deal, the top contenders will be Rafale-M, F-18 Super Hornet, Mig-29k and naval variant of SAAB Gripen.

Indian Navy is currently operating Mig-29k from its only aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya which is a very potent machine, INS Vikrant (IAC-1) which is under construction will need more advance aircraft to counter the threats it will face while serving in eastern command, though it is not decided yet that INS Vikrant will serve in eastern command of western .

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