Need of hour, Indigenisation in defence


India is constantly increasing its military spending, the defence acquisition of country is increasing every year. India is the biggest arms importer in the world until the new NDA government came into power, Prime Minster of India Mr. Narendra Modi started an ambitious program and named it Made In India, this program promotes domestic production of the commodity by allowing foreign direct investment.

Indigenisation is the capability of developing and producing any equipment within the country. Afte observing the growth of the defence industry in India, the need of indigenisation was never felt before like the one at present. Indigenisation is needed cause India had faced wars from two fronts and surrounded by neighbors who are not so friendly that’s why India cannot let down its guard. The challengers have huge defence budgets as compared to India and a well-established research and development industry, India has to take rapid steps towards indigenisation to stay vagile.
An indigenisation’s best example is withing the country, India’s Space and Research organization also known as ISRO, who had no foreign aid but they done which seems impossible to many nations. ISRO sent its satellite to Mars in just one go with the cost of only $74 million which much more less than NASA’s MAVEN which cost around $672 million. ISRO proved that indigenisation can save cost, the best technology will be available and make the nation stronger in the world.
In Aero India 2017, Ex- Defence Minister Manohar Parikar stressed the need for the country to indigenize its defence production, Parikar said they have instructed to outsource large quantity of work to domestic private firms. It is expected that the imports are projected to decrease by 25% in the next four to five years

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