The new AWACS of India will be a game changer


India is facing constant threat from its neighbors on both eastern and western front of the country’s border. India has fought 5 wars in the short span of time on both the fronts and already facing continuous insurgency and malpractices sponsored by the nations around its border.

Indians were closely observing various war fronts around the worlds and find out that information warfare is the face of future warfare. India has already tasted defeat in 1962 in Indo-china war due to lack of awareness, but this time they are looking strapped and getting ready for all types of warfare by inducting modern and highly advance weapon systems.

India is planning to develop a heavy airborne early warning, electronic warfare-capable command and control centre which will increase the information processing for Indian forces. Defence Minister of India has accepted that they are pursuing the target to make the surveillance and reconsaince factor of Indian armed forces healthy, currently India is using many type of AWE&C in different branches.Indian Navy is using IL-38 “Dolphin” and P8i “Poseidon which are class apart, very advanced, while Indian Airforce is currently using A-50Ei “Phalcon” which is one of the most advance AWAC in the world.

A-50EL “Phalcon”
P8i Posiedon

Addressing journalists after handing over the first system, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said the gaps in AWACS were being corrected. Various programs were being pursued simultaneously. “We have improved the serviceability of our AWACS by purchasing the shortfalls through emergency powers, so their availability is better,” he said referring to the recent emergency purchases of spares by the IAF for its platforms. The DRDO has The DRDO has planned to develop a long-range AWACS with a 360-degree coverage akin to the Phalcon. He said it would take six years to get the system “totally functional”

IAF Netra Image source – Team Foxtrot

The DRDO plans to develop two AWACS at first and then another four. “As the AWACS is much heavier, it needs a bigger aircraft. They would be based on an Airbus A-330. It has already been short-listed through a global process…,” Mr. Parrikar had said. The proposal is awaiting approval from the Cabinet Committee on Security headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.