New design of stealth tanker aircraft unveiled at conference in Atlanta


Guy Norris, a senior editor with Aviation Week & Space Technology, posted on its Twitter account the photo showing the new stealth tanker aircraft concept.

Guy Norris, wrote on Twitter that it is latest evolution of Air Force Research Laboratory stealthy tanker transport shows up at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics conference in Atlanta.

The 3D model of new stealth tanker is a concept demonstrator of new aircraft which are equipped with sophisticated stealth capabilities. The U.S. Air Force needed the special air-to-air refueling aircraft for stealthy missions.

In 2016, Aviation Week reported that the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command recently announced the “KC-Z” program intended to develop a next-generation tanker aircraft—one that could fly into dangerous airspace to support strike fighters like the F-22 and F-35—by 2035.

At the moment there is no exact information about the project and about all the participants of the program.

This article is written by Dylan Malyasov (Author Defence-Blog)

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