A new Electrical Tiltrotor will be developed in Russia by 2019

Photo By : Alexey Kondratov

Вy 2019 a prototype of the first electrical tiltrotor with a takeoff weight of 1.5 ton will be developed in Russia.

VR-Technologies design office, part of Russian Helicopters Holding Company, has set itself an ambitious task.

Photo By : Alexey Kondratov

The unmanned tilt-rotor VRT30, an experimental model of which was presented at the MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon in August and at the 19th world Youth and Students Festival in October 2017, shall become the blueprint for the future advanced model.

Andrey Boginsky, CEO of Russian Helicopters Holding Company, said that currently the team of VR-Technologies, together with partners from SuperOx company, specializing in superconductor manufacturing technology, are developing a new flying testbed for tiltrotor. High-temperature superconductivity technologies will be used in its onboard wiring, which should have a positive effect on the prototype’s weight/dimensions and flight performance.

Photo By : Alexey Kondratov

In particular, the weight of the power plant, the accessories of the electricity generating system and the electrical power supply systems will be reduced.

The main advantage of electrical aircraft is that they are environmentally friendly due to no exhaust fumes and low noise level. Another advantage of tiltrotorsisthat they do not need a runway. Thanks to the rotors’ tilt mechanism, they can reach high speeds and perform missions in hover flight.

This article is written by Colton Jones (Author Defence Blog)