New Frontline Fighter Air Base for Indian Air Force Near to Border


According to the global Fire index 2017, India was ranked the fourth most powerful military in the world thus to increase our strength a major  step has been taken .That is to boost infrastructure along Indo-Pak border.

New Delhi has cleared construction of new front-line airbase at Deesa in Gujarat’s Banaskantha district for the Indian air force. The construction of the airbase to cost around 1000 crore ₹ but in order to set up full fledged base more than ₹4000 crore is required.

The Deesa Airport which has been non operational from long time is currently managed by the Airport Authority of India. It was used for helicopter landings and VVIP movements.

“In air warfare, it is necessary to have alternative options in close vicinity for landing and taking off. This is very important as we are very close to the border. If one airstrip is damaged, Air force can use another” said Brigadier(Retd.) Jahangir Anklesaria.

Although the plan to build airbase which was not taken seriously by previous governments, finally gets executed with the efforts of Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Amid of rising tensions between India and Pakistan and repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan this decision was taken at a meeting of cabinet committee on security headed by Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi.

The Deesa airbase will play a critical role for South western Air command(SWAC) Against Pakistan. It will also complement Bhuj and Nalia airbase in west and Barmer in north. The boundary wall have been constructed and personnel is stationed there now.

Deesa is near the border and will to bridge the aerial gaps in Indian Air defence along the western border . The distance between Deesa and Mirpur khas in Pakistan’s Sind is 349.8 Km.

As China has  increased its defence budget recently and shares close military relations with Pakistan  this step is surely going to boost Indian armed forces to counter our arch rivals.