New headache for India, Second Chinese aircraft carrier is almost here!


According to Chinese media source CCTV, People Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has completed the basic structural development of their second aircraft carrier after “The Liaoning” (Type 001).

Chinese new aircraft carrier Type 001A has achieved primary stage development like its hull has been assembled and red undercoat has been painted below the ship's waterline in Dalian. In the next stage, the carrier will get its other important accessories including internal fitting, radar stations and weapon stations.

The crew of the Type 001A will get it's training on Type 001, one interesting thing about the new aircraft carrier was mentioned by Song Zhonping, a senior military expert that the new carrier will be very human-friendly. The sailors will experience more comfort than any other vessel by the help of modern technology.

The design and construction of the second aircraft carrier is based on experience, research and training from the first carrier, the Liaoning,  Based on information released by the Chinese defense ministry, 001A's aircraft will still use the ski-jump method of taking off from a ski ramp on the front of the carrier just like its “sister,” the Liaoning, rather than more advanced catapult technology used by US aircraft carriers.

China is also planning to develop a new generation of aircraft carrier which will be called “002”, it will be very different from the 001 series. China is still testing Electromagnetic Catapult system which is also known as Electromagnetic Launcher (EML), EML is considered as very effective and efficient, the speed of the system can be controlled which enables the user to launch different aircrafts from one aircraft carrier.

According to Chinese military experts China needs two carrier strike groups in the West Pacific Ocean and two in the Indian Ocean, They will need atleast 5 to 6 aircraft carriers in upcoming years

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