This Couple Is An Example Of New Kashmir, Cooks Food For Indian Army Soldiers


We have heard all kinds of things about Kashmir so far and all we hear is the Kashmiri separatists targeting Indian army or Indian forces.

There are stonepelters who throw stones and they get funded from various sources across the LOC. There are certain people in Kashmir who are supporting our soldiers because they believe the Kashmir free of terrorists will be progressive and safe.

Imam ali lives with his wife and earns his living by selling vegetables whole day. When it’s hard to even earn two times of food, the couple has a big heart. In the valley, its impossible to not interact with soldiers. Some people go with separatists and become stone pelters and some develop a bond of harmony with the army, it just depends on what you want to choose.  Imam ali believes that the service of the soldier is even better than the service of Allah.

Imam Ali’s wife cooks the food everyday and Imam himself delivers the food both in the morning and evening to the soldiers on his cart. Even the soldiers eat the food lovingly, as the bond has become so strong between the family and the Indian soldiers. However, Karen sector in Kashmir has many separatist believers who stand against the army.

It is really unbelievable that such a story of harmony and brotherhood can exist for real.

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