New Plan Of Indian Armed Forces, India Is Ready For War

T-90 of Indian Army during an exercise
T-90 of Indian Army during an exercise

The dream of having Joint Operation Command seems reality after the plan of Indian Armed Forces and their strategy of working as one team against any hostility towards India. The strategy includes Joint Operations of Indian Army, Air Force.

Indian armed forces are ready to work in Joint Operation in any future conflict with India, which will enhance fighting capabilities of Indian defence forces. There were various speculations before and many highly ranked veterans have suggested having Joint Operation Command like western defence forces. The Joint Operation Command work as a unified unit and create a great harmony between the coordination of the armed forces, its effectiveness was seen in the American invasion of Iraq. US Army invaded Iraq after the coordinated attack of US Air Force and US Navy along with the Coalition forces. The massive invasion was the perfect example of the efficiency of a system where all the branches of the armed forces work with each other at the same time.

It was a dream of India to have a specific operation command for their armed forces, a similar movement also came into some light when some senior Army Officials urged to have Special Forces Regiment for Indian Army. The Chief’s of the three branches were present when Naval Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba presented the revised version of the Joint Doctrine with ADC chairman, Chief of Staff Committee and Chief of Naval Staff.

Chief Of Indian Armed Forces Credits - Indian Defence News
Chief Of Indian Armed Forces Credits – Indian Defence News

The documents presented will likely to establish a very vast framework of planning and operations control, the strategy is to dominate all the war zones like land, air, and space. Interestingly the new plan of action of Indian Armed Forces includes two more war fronts Space and Cyberspace, which currently are not in the scene of modern warfare but in future, they will surely dominate the conflicts. The JOC is expecting to present a deterrent face of Indian on its eastern and western borders.

The best thing about JOC will be the effectiveness and efficiency that it will provide to a uniform channel for the Intelligence sharing. India needs to develop its doctrine according to the increasing needs of development into new major warfare scenario’s which are space, cyberspace and special operations in support of military operations.

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