New Plan Of ISRO Will Leave The Whole World In Surprise


ISRO is planning a new mission with ambitions to mine energy from the moon by 2030. India’s premier space organization which achieves milestones in every launch, now aims to take out the energy shortage problem of the country. ISRO is planning to launch a very ambitious project to dig out Helium-3 rich lunar dust.

Speaking at a conference Dr. Sivanathu Pillai conveyed the idea. Pillai is a Former Chief of Brahmos Aerospace and currently serving as the professor in Space Agency. Pillai told that ISRO is planning to drill Helium-3 rich lunar dust. The plan is to produce energy by it and that transport it to earth.

ISRO launching satellite, Source -
ISRO launching satellite, Source –

In a written reply to the Lok Sabha on 29 March, minister of state in charge of atomic energy and space Jitendra Singh said, “Technology is ready for transfer to Indian industries for undertaking the production of Li-ion batteries. BHEL has expressed interest in the transfer of technology.”

According to recent BP energy outlook, India’s energy demand will surpass of the other BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China). The new plan of ISRO will help India to reduce its fuel imports and pollutants. India’s current energy budget is $150 billion which is expected to be doubled by 2030.

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