No New Developments and Status Quo Prevails in Doklam: Sushma Swaraj


Indian government has said that there is no new development at the Doklam face-off site and the status-quo prevails in the area. There have been some reports recently which suggested that there has been construction of a full fledged military complex and some pictures on the map also were revealing the same.

External Affair minister, Sushma Swaraj said in a written reply that India has constantly believed that through diplomatic channels, these things can be solved.

Sushma Swaraj

“On the basis of persistent diplomatic communications, disengagement of Indian and Chinese border personnel in the Doklam area was accomplished on August 28 last year,” she said.

One more question which was raised was regarding construction of the road in Arunachal Pradesh, Gen VK Singh said an army patrol observed three civilians believed to be Chinese nationals carrying out track construction in the Shiyung La area in Upper Siang district on December 28 last year. 

The three of them returned to Chinese side once they spotted the patrol. Another question on China was whether China is providing hydrological data of Himachal Pradesh’s Prachu river, Gen VK Singh said that the China provides data of Bhrampatura river and Sutlej River during the flood season.

China did not provide the data of both the rivers in year 2017 and the issue has been raised with the Chinese side, to which they replied that it was due to technical reasons. Indian govt is taking steps to monitor the river flow in Sutlej riverto detect any abnormality in the flow that can effect the lives of people staying in the areas near to the river.