North korean Internet activities involving India could be a possible threat.


North Korea is believed to be one of the evil most and unstable country of the world. This small Asian nation is almost completely isolated from the rest of the world. The relations between India and North Korea have remained somewhat nonexistent. But some recent developments might change this situation.

Recorded Future, a US-headquartered company, concluded from the study that North Korean actors are carrying out cyber attacks from foreign shores on the basis of the fact that it found a “near absence” of malicious cyber activity from within the country’s own borders in the study period. In addition, the study claims: “This data and analysis demonstrate that there are significant physical and virtual North Korean presences in several nations around the world — nations where North Koreans are likely engaging in malicious cyber and criminal activities. These nations include India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nepal, Kenya, Mozambique, and Indonesia.” The study, released online in July, also found some North Korean users “possibly” conducting “network reconnaissance” on Indian labs and research centres. However, in this case, Recorded Future says it “could not confirm malicious behaviour.”

News like this would certainly concerns the Indian High Command. Although the credibility is low since it comes from a US agency. US could have fabricated the facts. It is no secret that Uncle Sam is in desperate to woe India in its favour.

But the fact that North Korea has an illegitimate affair with Pakistan could not be simply ignored. It is Pakistan who has given North Korea access to nuclear power.

India has so far remained an alien to this conflict. However we have very good trade relations with South Korea and the relations with South Korea have so far remained warm and friendly. We must decide our strategy very carefully; we do not want another nuclear armed enemy who could do anything at anytime. The best alternative however the best alternative would be to secure our own cyber systems and remain alien to this



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