North Korea Is Building Dangerous Missiles With Help From Their Chinese Neighbors


North Korea is truly isolated from the international community in every sense of the word. Barring China, no major country in the world has good diplomatic relations with North Korea.

According to credible sources, North Korea carried out around two dozen ballistic missile tests last year and has carried out at least seven such tests this year. North Korea’s missile program is definitely making progress. However what’s surprising is that, several essential components of North Korea’s ballistic missiles are not home-made. They are produced by companies in China. This statement is backed by a United Nations report.

United Nations’ resolutions prohibit countries from exporting materials capable of being used to develop missiles to North Korea, a country which has threatened to use nuclear weapons against the United States of America and South Korea on multiple occasions.

The Chinese government’s tangled relationship with their North Korean counterparts was an important topic during last week’s United States visit by the Chinese President. The Trump administration urged their Chinese counterparts to apply more pressure on North Korea to halt its work on nuclear weapons and missile systems. Despite China’s efforts to rein in North Korea’s aggressive behavior, companies based out of China continue to act as catalyst, supplying the isolated communist regime with technology and hardware that allow its missiles to take off.

Whether the Chinese government is colluding with their North Korean counterparts in this situation or is simply reluctant to properly address the issue remains blurred. For decades, China has allegedly skirted United Nations’ resolutions and sanctions using legal loopholes. While a North Korea possessing ballistic missiles is undesirable for both China as well as the United States of America, the Chinese regime prefers the stability of the present state of affairs to the mayhem that could result from regime collapse in North Korea.

While Trump and Jingping agreed to cooperate on the North Korea issue, such promises have gone unfulfilled in the past. Only time will tell whether this time it will be any different.

Vice President of the United States Mike Pence is scheduled to visit Seoul, capital of South Korea tomorrow amid the growing tensions over the North Korean regime’s missile program. Trump has vowed that the North Korean regime is a “problem” that “will be taken care of.” The international scene is unfolding like a game of chess. The lines separating the right and the wrong are blurred. No clear winner can be predicted at this point. Only time will tell which country rises and which crumbles into the ground as history.

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