Now, MARCOS Will Help Flush Out Terrorists In Kashmir


The Indian Army has been head to toe dedicated in constant operations to get rid of militants/ terrorists. From targeting groups like HM, Lashkar-e-Taiba in the valley to coordinating strikes and shooting them dead, the army is doing a wonderful job.

Successful enough, they have ruled out 258 names of the militants. Amongst the jam packed operations & extensive drive against terrorism in Kashmir, they are now involving MARCOS.

MARCOS; Marine Commandos, will help clear terrorists out from the islands in the Jhelum river. The navy has deployed a group of 30 Marine commandos, under the Lieutenant commando who is permanently in the Wular Lake to prevent terrorism there.


During a recent research that the army carried out lately involved MARCOS to flush out any terrorist that are hard to trace and might be hiding from the forces. The marine commandos have been going to far flung areas to trace terrorists who are already under constant terrorist operations.

INS Marcos

The team is currently working alongside 5 Rashtriya Rifles who are deployed in Kashmir’s Watlab area near the Wular lake. According to army sources, “Highlands in Jhelum have a certain type of plantation which can be used by the terrorists to hide them and their equipment.”

Gladly because of MARCOS, hiding is out of question!