NSA Ajit Doval met with Pakistan Counterpart in Bangkok to discuss Kashmir Unrest


Following the meeting of Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav and his wife and the mother in Pakistan, the National Security Advisor (NSA) of India Ajit Doval met with the National Security Advisor Lt General Nasir Khan Janjua (retd) in Bangkok. The meeting of NSAs of both the nation held in Bangkok and it was held right after one day of the meeting of Kulbhushan Jadhav and his family in Islamabad.

Kulbhushan Jadhav is the retd Naval officer who got arrested by Pakistan believing him the spy and the agent of Raw.

NSAs of India and Pakistan

As per the sources reported to The Sunday Express, NSA officer Doval and Janjua met at a ‘neutral venue’ in the Thai capital, Bangkok on December 26. However, the meeting was held after the meeting of Jadhav with his family but the date of the meeting and venue were had decided from both the sides earlier this month. So, it can say that it has no connection with Pakistan’s treatment of Jadhav’s’s wife and mother.

This is not the first time when NSAs of India and Pakistan met in a third country, earlier too such meeting we’re held. Also, the top hierarchy of the foreign ministries of India and Pakistan knew about the meeting.

Ajit Doval

Before this meeting of India and Pakistan, the NSA of Pakistan, Janjua had met former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif at the resident of Sharif in Raiwind. The meeting of Janjua and Sharif lasted for around 5 hours. They discussed the matter of national security and its relation with the neighboring states.

On the relations of Pakistan with India, the Pakistan’s NSA had given a sharp statement and this led to the meeting of Doval and Janjua in Bangkok. “The stability of the South Asian region hangs in a delicate balance, and the possibility of nuclear war cannot be ruled out” he had said on December 18.

Lt General Nasir Khan Janjua

Such type of meeting to discuss terrorism and national security of the countries was held in December 2015 in which two NSAs of the both the countries along with two foreign secretaries met in Bangkok. It was a secret meeting and nation came to know about it once it was completed.

Whild talking about this meeting, sources reveled, the meeting continued for almost two hours on Tuesday. The NSAs of the countries discussed issues related to infiltration of militants into Kashmir from LoC(Line of Control). They also discussed Kashmir’s unrest situation and how Pak is handling terrorism.

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