NSG Commandos, The Fittest Men Are Getting Overweight, Have Higher BMI


NSG commandos belonging to the Indian Special Force Unit been taken for the fittest men who stand affirm for their Nation’s security are getting exposed to another internal disturbance which is being fat.

The Black Cat Commandos are required to maintain their persona of lean mean machine in a human body to be the best for their work but a slight percentage of commandos are getting troubled from an increasing girth, high Body Mass Index (BMI) and high cholesterol reflecting the problem of overweight soldiers.

The Director General (DG), Sudhir Pratap Singh who is also a fit man told India Today, “NSG is only for the fittest. The soldiers have to either shape in or ship out”. Meanwhile, according to the senior officers, the count of overweight commandos is less than ten percent.

A commando getting through one of the deadliest course to become a Black Cat is far from being imagined as a pot belly soldier risking his fierce abilities.

Members of India’s National Security Guard.

Force officer, with a condition of anonymity said that a few senior officers including one Director level officer and few senior ranking officers from the Army distort the BMI figure. Sources have informed that those found to be unfit are being given jobs like driving cooking etc.

“While there is a composite hospital in Manesar, many officers from the Army go to Army Hospital where the figure of BMI is lowered to declare them fit.” “It is not unusual within the paramilitary or the Army, there have been instances where the medical board has been challenged,” a source said.

A former commando says, “The fighting units are the ones who are absolutely fit, so it comes as a surprise that there are few “black sheep”, whom he refers to as “sack of potatoes”.

A senior officer said that many commandos have already shed flab since the circular was sent by the force. However, they still have a BMI over 25 and 30 (single case).

An army officer agrees that the BMI figure can be fudged a little but the Army’s annual medical examination and a conduct for NSG operational men in every three months cannot be misreported.

The controversy was spoken about by a senior Physician of the force, “The entire concept of BMI is outdated. It is an obsolete technique based on which the force takes crucial decisions. The body builder may have more muscles; some may have heavier bone density. It is time that the force needs to move on to more authentic body composition analysis before declaring a person fit”.

The force practices extreme and intense exercise routine for keeping their fitness intact and have also started Yoga sometime back for the mental peace and fitness.