India’s National Security Guard (NSG) commandos are being efficiently trained to counterattack terror operations. Though there has not been much action on the part of our National Security Guards commandos lately, but the units, being on the safer side is keen on regular practices with respect to the changing of global scenario of terrorism, keeping Indian Guards prepared.

Due to relative increment in pace of Jihadi’s mass attacks where vehicles are driven into crowds, has maintained the requirement of NSG commandos to keep training in order to deal with lone wolf attacks like several cases in the west.

The actual risk is from people carrying out terror attacks in crowded places which does not even involve much investment from the attackers but in addition gives them maximum benefit with casualties, as informed by the sources.


NSG have been training intensively in the NCR and the force is likely to train with commandos in Japan supporting the recent cooperation measure.


This year in June, a terror suspect attacked a policeman outside Notre-Dame cathedral, Paris armed with a hammer and two Knives shouting “This is for Syria”.

On July 14, 2016, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel killed 86 people with more than hundred injured, when he drove a truck towards the crowd celebrating Bastille Day in France. The recent terror attacks in France, Germany and attempt at London Tube has been carefully examined by the counter-terror forces who all are also training with commandos of other countries. Black cats are preparing for such action in India.

New Delhi has been put on high alert following information about possible lone -wolf attack by a terror organisation earlier this year.

NSG Commandos training in Kali along with their German Counterparts

A senior officer of the NSG said, “A machete attack or truck mowing into crowds are serious possibilities since they are global trends. We are developing our own techniques, and also using our association with foreign forces to know how personnel facing such an attack have dealt with them effectively. Also, several arrests of ISIS recruits and a recent arrest of an al-Qaeda operative have only made the resolve of the force stronger.”

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