NSG Commandos are Training Special Sniper Squads to Counter Terrorists in Kashmir


Central Reserve Police Force and Special Operations Group of the Jammu & Kashmir Police are teaming up to make a specially trained squad. They are likely to take down the next fidayeen attackers by sniping them.

National Security Guards (NSG) have been training the personnel in Manesar and also in the Lethapora CRPF training camp in Pulwama.

Director General (DG) Sudhir Pratap Singh said and quoted by India Today, “Sniping is used world wide as a specialised tactic. It is an important skill which all forces must acquire while dealing with terrorist”.

A black cat commando who trained the security forces in the Valley told, “The advantage of the sniper weapon is that it has a longer range and requires a skilled marksman. Also, less ammunition is used.”

The latest sniping weapon PSG 1 Alpha 1 Sniper and 7.6 mm Beretta sniper rifle jas been acquired by NSG.

Both terrorists and security personnel use AK47 in any close combat, but the disadvantage with it is, it does not have long range. The snipers have an advantage at this and they utilize one bullet at a time.

Currently, the CRPF and JKP have only PSG sniping rifles. Even when they were trained in sniping, they missed the opportunity to take down three Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists who attacked the camp on 31st December.

IG CRPF Ravideep Shahi said, “The sniping squad could not be used as it involves the target to be in the visible range, an opportunity which was not available then.”

Although, there is an influence of special forces and para commandos on the NSG trainers, they have their own ability to teach their own forces and the other state police and Central Armed Police Force.
There will be a sniping competition from 13th to 20th January at Manesar. Ten teams from the state police and CAPF will participate in the event.

A constant change is needed in tactics and weapons so that terrorists can be kept in check. Hence, the new changes help a lot. The snipers have a very good potential against the terrorists.