Open Letter From A Veteran Soldier To Azam Khan For His Shameful Remarks On Army


Dear Mr. Azam Khan,

Addressing your party activists in Rampur recently, you referred to “shameful violent happenings” in places such as Kashmir, Tripura, Jharkhand and Bengal. You also said that excesses by security forces had led to “women in some places chopping off the private parts of Army men”

Azam Khan

Your above statement smells of your immense hatred for anything that is Indian. The Indian Army is India’s biggest and most respected organisation that is selflessly protecting the Nation since the day we were liberated. Your attack on my institution is result of the thriving democracy that we all are living in. In the name of freedom of speech and expression some people of your breed are fashionably demeaning the Indian Army.  

While the Army is protecting the borders some fraction of the society who has never sent any of their blood relatives to fend the Nation are hell bent upon us and showing the forces in poor light.

Your party’s ex-chief minister Akhilesh Yadav once said, “There are no Gujarati Martyrs.” Such statements are strongly condemnable from leaders of such stature. You people are suffering from intellectual emptiness. It is a remediless decease. When you make a shameful generalised statement: “Indian Army indulges in excesses in Kashmir.” If the above is true then one can also state, “All the males of this world are molesters.” Your disgraceful statement on conduct of the Army men is a blatant lie, so is the above sentence about all the males.

Your generalised statement has exposed you in front of the society. The army men are not aliens from some other planet but most of them are sons of this country’s Kisans. Since centuries the Kisans of this land are protecting the mother nation from outside invasions. Guru Govind sinh ji states, “sura so pachaajie din ke lade het, purja purja kat mare, tabahu na chhode khet. (He alone is the Brave who fights till his last. Even after each of his limbs is cut, he doesn’t leave his land.”

Lord Ram says, Janani Janmbhumi swargdapi gariyasi.” (The Mother land is like a mother, her service is heavenly and glorious).

The Army men of this country have always picked up weapons, for the protection of the weak, the women, the children and the elders and above all for the protection of the Indian society and its values.

If for a micro second, whatever you said would be true then we must take a look at world history and compare it with India’s History.

The U.S. War in Afghanistan :

US Army in Afghanistan

An American soldier returns home after spending six months in the Afghanistan war zone. After his homecoming he writes, “The united states government provides weapons and protection to the local afghan militia to fight against the Taliban. These afghan militias are fond of ‘Bachcha Bazi’ (Forced Sex with minor children). The afghan militia are based in the US army camps along with the American soldiers. The soldier recounts horrible nights of those US military camps when unbearable cries of those Afghani children being sexually assaulted, could not let you close your eyes. Once he asks one of his fellow soldier about incidents of heinous rapes on small children inside us military bases, he was told to remain silent. When his conscience did not permit him, he took the matter to his senior officer who instead of taking action against those afghan rapists punishes the brave soldier and kicks him out of military service. REF: CNN, 22 APRIL 2015

Vietnam War, 11 November 1955 to 30 April 1975(20 Years):

US Army in Vietnam

The United States of America invaded Vietnam and indulged in a bloody battle for 20 long years. Rape was rampant during the Vietnam War but the US history never remembers it. Tens of thousands of Lusty American soldiers raped and plundered Vietnamese Women and fathered number of illegitimate War children, who were later known as Amerasians. After the war, those children – known as Amerasians – endured harsh discrimination and abject poverty in Vietnam, viewed as ugly reminders of an invading army. In the year 1970, US defence department releases a statement, “These bad elements have no place in the society.” REF: Wikipedia

First World war: An army of 20,000 Japanese soldiers attacked Andaman and Nicobar islands in the year 1942.  After, capturing the islands the japs indulged in brutal rapes and killing spree on the Indian tribal women and children. Their extreme sexual crimes even shamed Genghis Khan.  REF: The Tribune, 12 December 1998

The Liberation of Bangladesh, War – 1971: The Pakistan Army Surrendered in front of Indian Army on 17 December 1971. The situation in Chatgaon medical college and Dhaka military cantonment was shocking. It was a Racial Correction camp, where more then 700 pregnant women were stuffed into. They were enslaved and forced to live in military brothels. Those poor women were looking at us like robots. They were in such shock that it took us some time to explain them that they were free now. But, when the feeling of freedom sank in they requested us to kill them. “Please shoot us, we do not want to live,” were their words. The Pakistanis surpassed the heinous criminal acts of Nazis committed during the Second World War.

During documentation of the Prisoners of War, a prisoner Pakistani army officer asked me, “Do you know, how many Bengalis can be killed with a single bullet?” I was amazed by his question but he answered, “12 ‘barah’ I have tried that.” REF: ‘Courage and Conviction’ page no. 85 (General V K Singh)

Take examples of wars fought by the Indian Army: First and second world war, 1947-48 war with Pakistan, 1962 War with China, 1965 War with Pakistan, 1971 Bangladesh war, 1984 Peace keeping force in Srilanka, Kargil war 1999. The Indian Soldiers have made numerous sacrifices but never crossed the decorum of Being Indian and being human.  

I have questions for you and other liberals attacking the Indian Armed Forces. Have you seen a single war child in Kashmir?

The Indian Soldiers have set examples throughout the world by their humanitarian approach to every conflict. In India, war is a religion and our ‘Rashtrdharma’ doesn’t teach us to rape.

Beating the Retreat: है प्रीत जहाँ की रीत सदा, में गीत वहाँ के गाता हूँ. भारत का रहने वाला हूँ. भारत की बात सुनाता हूँ. इतनी ममता नदियों को भी जहाँ माता कहके बुलाते है. इतना आदर इंसान तो क्या, पत्थर भी पूजे जाते है. उस धरती पे मैंने जनम लिया, ये सोच के मै इतराता हूँ. भारत का रहने वाला हूँ. भारत की बात सुनाता हूँ.

Yours faithfully
Petty Officer Manan Bhatt (Veteran)

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