In Order to make Andaman & Nicobar a major military base, Ex Admiral D.K. Joshi made Lt. Governor


President Ramnath Kovind recently appointed retired admiral D.K.Joshi as the governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This step has shown the intentions of the current government to develop this archipelago into a large naval base for the Indian Navy to establish supremacy over the Indian Ocean.

History has proven time and again that country with naval superiority dominates the world. First it was the British Empire now it’s the United States of America to dominate the world. You know what is common in the both of them; they had navies which were larger and better than other nations of the world. The US navy is currently the largest navy in the world and it has bases all over the world from Asia to Africa and Europe to Oceania. This step by India will prove that we are on the right track to dominate the Indian Ocean.

An Indian Carrier

The major reason behind this action is China. China is long trying to increase its influence in the Indian Ocean and 2017 seen more Chinese vessels in the Indian Ocean than ever. This has raised serious concerns for New Delhi which considers Indian Ocean as Its backyard.

How important are the Andaman and Nicobar islands

  1. They are at a key strategic location in the Indian Ocean.
  2. They are more close to countries like Indonesia and Myanmar then India.
  3. They act as a checkpoint on the sea route to china.
  4. They would help in deterring any naval attack on mainland India.

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Indian Navy in the region

Currently India has one of the largest and one of the most advanced navies in the world .India currently has one aircraft carrier and two under construction, we have nuclear submarines, attack helicopter, amphibious planes, battleships and destroyers. The more important thing is that most of these are technologically advanced and not some large piece of junk floating on water. They are armed with the fastest cruise missile in the world “ Brahmos” which makes them a lethal naval weapon.

Although there is an Indian Naval Base in the area but it is not as much developed and large as it should be to hold complete control of this region .

Only a chunk of the Indian fleet is stationed there with no immediate backup because of its distance from the mainland India.

How would this appointment help?

Since the new Governor is a retired officer of the Indian Navy, he would have a very fair idea of how this island territory should be developed to suit the requirements of the Indian Navy. His appointment would also send a strong signal to Beijing who is desperate to increase its influence in the region.

The morale of the Indian Navy will also be increased because they would know that someone from them is managing the administration of the region.

India has long been seen by the international community as a passive player in international affairs but now India is showing the willingness and ability to act as a superpower and take direct actions. India has also improved its relations with other nations which are troubled by the actions of Beijing like Vietnam and Indonesia. The message is loud and clear, we are ready to take actions and we would not hold back if a situation may arise.

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