Pakistan Builds a Secret Nuclear Warhead Storage Facility in Balochistan


Pakistan tried to keep his nuclear plant secret in Kahuta but it was exposed to the world. And again, AQ Khan’s plans were exposed to the public when he came out in open. Now, Pakistan has been caught making a nuclear warhead storage underground facility below the mountains of Balochistan.

A report written by David Albright, Sarah Burkhard, Allison Lach and Frank Pabian for the Institute for Science and International Security, said that the Balochistan site can be used as a storage site for strategic purposes and can be used to protect a nuclear strike capability.

It also said that the site, “could serve as a ballistic missile and nuclear warhead storage site”. The mystery is the purpose of this complex is not public yet.

The site could easily serve as a Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal site given the locality and the surroundings. The report further said, “Although the site is located in the province of Balochistan, which has endured many local insurgencies, Pakistan is likely more focused on having a secure area in a remote mountainous area in the middle of the country, as far as possible from its international borders, including India.”

Kahuta Nuclear plant

As per the report, the entrances are large and can be used by very heavy vehicles and there are three entrances. The report compares the activity of 2012 with 2014 and gives striking difference between the two.

A 2012 google image of the location

In 2012, there was very less security and the report stated, “Nonetheless, the site did include at least one possible anti-aircraft position with a guard post at that time”.

A 2014 DigitalGlobe image showing the layout of the underground site and new security measures that create a secure complex.

The report said about 2014, “In contrast, DigitalGlobe images show considerably more physical security in the form of added fencing and checkpoints and several new possible antiaircraft positions. This analysis resulted from a 2014 request from a journalist who provided the coordinates of the ballistic missile base and the mountain site. The person requested that they remain anonymous,” it said.

The storage could be a good place for Nuclear ballistic missile and also has a cantonment attached to it.

You can read the complete report here.


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