Pakistan Challenges India for a Nuclear War, Says Test Our Nuclear Might if You Want


Pakistan challenged the statements of army chief Gen Bikram Rawat saying, “test our resolve”. General spoke that Pakistan’s nuclear bogey will be thoroughly if the situation escalates to a war

“Very irresponsible statement by Indian Army Chief,not befitting his office. Amounts to invitation for nuclear encounter.If that is what they desire,they are welcome to test our resolve.The general’s doubt would swiftly be removed, inshallah,” tweeted Pakistan’s foreign minister Khawaja Asif.

Pakistan’s foreign minister’s office was also too busy during the day tweeting to justify themselves and their nuclear progress. They said the Indian army chief has made an irresponsible statement and they feel threatened. 

They also said that they will not take this lightly and they are capable of defending Pakistan.

Pakistan has a short range missile Nasr which they feel that it can encounter the missile made by India.

All we will say is, we are proud of our Indian army chief who knew what to say to tickle of series of tweets from Pakistanis.

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