When Pakistan Said Kashmir Again, India’s Syed Akbaruddin said “Miyan ki Daud Masjid Tak”

Syed Akbar

India’s ambassador at UN has taken a funny jibe at Pakistan on hearing that Pakistan wants to discuss Kashmir issues in UN is just like ‘Miyan ki daud Masjid tak’.

India focuses on progressive and forward looking agenda during the UN general assembly which begins on Monday, as told by India’s permanent representative to the UN Syed Akbarudin told reporters.

“I have outlined our approach, that is progressive forward looking. We are visionary in our goals. If on the other hand there are other countries, who as you say, focus on yesterday’s issues then they are yesterday’s people,” Akbaruddin said in response to a question on reports that Pakistan plans to raise the Kashmir issue at the UN as reported by Times News Network.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj would deliver her address on 23th September. Also, the new Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi will speak in UN general assembly this week.

Akbaruddin said while speaking to reporters, “If they (Pakistan) focus on an issue which has not been on the discussion table in the UN now for decades, not for years, for decades…, if this is what they want to focus on, so be it. To be his own… Miyan ki daud masjid tak,”. It is a famous Urdu proverb which means some people think only within a limited way and cannot focus beyond that.

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