Pakistani Forces Used ‘Thermal Camouflage Suit’ To Avoid Detection, Kill A BSF Jawan


Pakistan force wore ‘thermal camouflage suits’ to kill a BSF jawan amid the recent spate of ceasefire violations along the border in Jammu and Kashmir. Wearing thermal suit is the new strategy of Pakistan to avoid detection by Indian night vision devices.

The top commanders who ensure the security at the unfenced LoC and at the Indo-Pak IB in J & K got rattled due to this first ever instance. The officials confirmed it quoting an electronic surveillance report.

BSF Jawans at LoC

On May 18, a militant or Special Service Group (SSG) trooper from the Pakistan side shot a constable with a precise close range aim at about 1:30 am. He was constable Sitaram Yadav (28) of the 192nd battalion of the Border Security Force worked at a forward post along the IB in the RS Pora region.

According to the official sources, the constable was grievously injured and was immediately taken to the nearby post by two other jawans but he later died due to bullet wound.

Initially, the death of the constable Yadav was thought to be shot by a sniper from across the border. Later, through a threadbare scrutiny of the local hand-held thermal imager (HHTI), it came to know that a very-grained black shadow like movement took place on the monitor. The shadow came close to the BSF post and hit a shot that killed the constable.

Officials said, the deployed HHTI in the border areas for night vision and surveillance wasn’t able to catch the black shadow of personnel, so it is suggested tbag he might be wearing a ‘thermal camouflage suit’ which insulates the body heat of a person.

The HHTI works through picking up the body heat signatures of a living being (a human or an animal) and helps the BSF and the Army to check infiltration bids by creating a silhouette. It enables BSF and the Army to attack on their posts in the dead of the night.

“The electronic surveillance of the incident is being analysed and nothing can be ruled out. It could be a new camouflage overall that the Pakistani side is using to take a close aim and hit Indian troops at the border or it could also be an indigenous way of wearing a wet-sack like clothing to evade the HHTI radar,” stated by a senior officer in the security establishment.

Pakistani sniper

According the officer, it is a worrying development on the volatile and sensitive border area and the investigation is already on.

The officer further added, such type of thermal camouflage suits or insulation suits are available across the globe and it is used by enemies for such tactical and surprise attacks.

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