Pakistani Rangers Build Towers along Border, BSF says it is Normal


BSF has observed unusual construction activity in 550-km-long India-Pakistan border in Punjab. At many locations, the Pakistani rangers have started building their defence by building observation towers along the zero line.

Along the international border at Ferozepur, pucca constructions have been constructed. BSF officials say that the development is normal and the Pakistani authorities can develop anything on their side.

Now, Pakistani rangers would be able to observe every moment till many kilometers in the Indian territory. The farmers near by the international border said that they don’t feel secure anymore.


Sources say that in the Mamdot area, Pakistani border outposts, including Shere Jawan, Mehfooz Khan, Khalid Shahid and Jalle Khan, are situated away from the zero line, while BSF posts such as Jalloke and Raja Mohtam are right on the zero line.

The BSF feels this might be the reason that the rangers want to be relocated closer to international border. BSF has increased survelliance in the area. BSF officials said smart fencing was being installed. More observation towers, ambush and patrol shelters, and laser walls will come up soon.

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