When Para Commandos did a Surgical Strike entering 15 kms inside Myanmar


The mood was tense, a terrorist group have killed 18 Indian army soldiers of Dogra regiment. The soldiers wanted to reply and they were given clean chit by NSA and Indian government. It was a reply for the death of 18 Indian soldiers, around 158 militants were killed in that surgical strike. Let us see how it happened.

While we Indians are always aware of the happenings  in Kashmir valley we have been long neglecting the insurgents and separatists movements in the northeast . The seven sisters are often  neglected by the mainstream media not giving any heed to what is happening in this far corner of the country .Seldom do we see  reports or field study of this neglected portion on the news. The soldiers martyred here often go unnoticed and their bravery upraised.

Different avatars of 9 Para SF in Kashmir Operation
Different avatars of 9 Para SF in Kashmir Operation

Most of do not know that the AFSPA which is there in Kashmir valley  to protect the interests of the army and destroy separatists is also implemented in many regions of northeast. How many of you ever knew  that Article 370 also has mentions of north eastern states in it?

Recently, the Indian Para commandos conducted a surgical strike along the indo-Myanmar border. The step was taken to avenge the ambushing of the Indian army’s Ghatak forces of the dogra regiment by the diabolical ULFA, KLF and NSCN(K) resulting in the death of eighteen Indian soldiers.

The mission was carried out under the leadership of the Indian NSA, the mission was no less then a scene of a Hollywood war movie. The Indian army used unmanned aerial vehicles with thermo sensing cameras to locate the enemy location in the dense forests of Myanmar. The IRNSS proved its worth in this mission by giving the satellite data to Indian forces and India was again benefited by its technological superiority.

Ajit Doval with Modi

After completing the analysis of ground data, the NSA assigned a team of 40 elite Para commandos from the 21 Para special forces, three indigenous Dhruv helicopters and a Mi 35 attack helicopter were used for transporting and assisting the team. The mission resulted in full success as all the militants were destroyed and not even a single commando was bruised in the mission. The complete mission didn’t take much time.

This mission showed the willingness and ability of the Indian government to safeguard the Indian interests. While the strike didn’t gain much spotlight as the surgical strike in POK did but it was a significant because it showed that the Indian army is no longer a sleeping elephant but a roaring tiger now which is ready to attack whenever necessary. India would no longer be held back by bilateral talks and diplomatic moves to safeguard it its interests.

The present government is also showing interest in solving the issues and developing north eastern states of India who were neglected by almost all the previous governments. The people of India are now becoming aware that Kashmir is not the only place which requires our attention but the northeast is also suffering from similar problems and requires similar aid and attention.

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