Passing Out Parade Held At ASC Centre Bengaluru

ASC Bengaluru
ASC Bengaluru

400 recruit trainees take oath of allegiance and devotion to duty during the passing out parade on Saturday at ASC Centre, Bengaluru. The Commandant Brigadier Harsh Chibber, No 1 ASC Training Centre reviewed the impressive and ceremonious passing out parade held at the ASC Centre.

Oath Ceremony

In his address, he urged soldiers to dedicate themselves to the service of the nation. He conducted the lineyard wearing ceremony along with the parents and presented Gaurav Pathaks to the parents. It was indeed a proud moment for families and friends of all the recruiter to witness this remarkable ceremony in which their wards participated.

Families and friends

Army Service Corps is a crops of Indian Army, which handles its logistic support function. It is mainly responsible for the provisioning, procurement and distribution of Supplies of food ration and items of Hospital Comforts to Army, Air Force and when required for Navy and other para military forces. They are also responsible for transportation and distribution of ammunition including mines along with packing of commodities for supply, loading of aircraft and ejection of loads. ASC also give training and provisioning of clerks for all branches and catering staff in the army. This Corps is a versatile one designed for the role with numerous activities of immediate concern to the troops.

Army Service Corps Flag
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