People in Beijing are Unhappy with how PLA handled Doklam Standoff


Indian and Chinese forces were disengaged from Dokalam on 28th August. The standoff went for almost two and half months. The peace was established at the border.

The BRICS summit had to just happen after that and Indian PM Narendra Modi was called for the same. BRICS went well and it presented President Xi Jinping as a statesman.

Although, it might be for the best but not everything has settled internally in China, according to David Kelly, who has been studying China for four decades and is the director of China policy think tank.

There are many who are dissatisfied by the people’s liberation Army’s handling of the Dokalam Standoff. David Kelly said, “”Reports have said that during the stand-off, local commanders from both sides were actually cordial, but for the Chinese-reading public, for instance for the readership of Global Times for example, they were dissatisfied. Common people tend to believe if the PLA can attack they should attack, if they didn’t attack, it meant they didn’t dare attack.”

Major General Qiao Liang from the PLA leadership responded to the backlash and said war mongers are irresponsible and said that the withdrawing of troops was the best outcome for China.

There are still some questions unanswered and one of them is how much necessary to build the road in Dokalam and China backed off.

“We don’t know at this point what Xi’s position was,” said Kelly. “Most people will say that this could not have taken place without the Politburo Standing Committee involvement but military affairs are more complex. Local commanders may have made moves that then had to be supported,” he said.

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