Envoy: Poland Helped Pakistan To Build Missile Programme


Piotr A Opalinski, ambassador Republic of Poland has openly admitted that they are helping Pakistan to build its missile programme. Opalinski stated that their country’s immense pleasure that they helped Pakistan in building its missile programme and strengthening its defence capacity.

Not only that, Opalinski recollected the time when Poland’s combat pilots helped Pakistan in war with India in 1947-48 over Kashmir and later in 1965 war with India.

He said at a get-together which was systematized by the English Speaking Union of Pakistan at the residence of its President Khalid Malik, “That is the golden part of our bilateral relationship.” Khalid Malik is a senior vice president Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Diplomats and VIPs including Sri Lankanan High Commissioner, Pakistan Jayanath Lokukatagodage, Additional Secretary Foreign Affairs Shah M Jamal and head of public affairs Japanese embassy Katsunori Ashida attended the get together arranged by Khalid Malik.

Opalinski mentioned that Polish pilots had actively participated in the wars in safeguarding Pakistan’s national security, “Those pilots are their heroes.”

 “We had been the strong partner in promoting our air forces,” he added.

Ambassador who was previously working as Deputy Chief of Mission in Pakistan was happy that his diplomatic and defense relations remained stable over the years. Poland is also participating in upliftment of socio-economic situation of Pakistan. Poland is also helping in development of oil and gas resources of Pakistan.

Opalinski sees a scope in cooperative partnership with Pakistan. Polish companies are vindicating Pakistan to develop coal-mining industry.

Ambassador Piotr praises the cultural front of Pakistan and also spoke some Urdu words. In addition to that, he also  considered “Pakistan as his second home, as received here warm love and hospitality”, he added.

The ambassador’s wife Jolanta accompanied him. At the event, Khalid Malik and secretary of the union retired squadron leader Abid Ali also discussed their current activities for promoting harmony, mutual understanding cooperation among Islamabad-based diplomats and their Pakistani friends and partners. For contributing in strengthening Poland-Pakistan brotherly relations, Opalinski was bestowed with a trophy.

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