How Presence of Indian Navy in Malacca Strait Patrol can Upset China’s Domination

INS Kolkata of Indian Navy
INS Kolkata of Indian Navy

Malacca strait is one of the most important naval corridors in the world. Malacca strait is the gateway of South-China sea and the Indian Ocean. The connection between these two highly strategic waterbodies can be overlooked by gaining control over this single waterway.

INS Kolkata, Indian Navy

The disputes between Indian Navy and Chinese Navy is known to the all. China’s is hostile with India and Japanese forces. Now, United States Navy placed its mightiest “Armada” near the South-China sea. US Naval fleet can now watch Chinese activities with the support of Japan and also trying to preserve¬†tranquility between the South and North Korean conflict. The participation of India in Malacca Strait Patrol will open huge possibilities for Indian Navy to establish effective plans to counter the gigantic Chinese Naval fleet during any time of hostility.

Experts including Indian Navy’s former commander Abhijit Singh, have considered this move as one of the most significant developments by Indian Navy. The main reason behind it is, the navies who patrol the Malacca strait have very accurate information about maritime activities of each other. The problem is three of the four states have competing territorial claims in littorals adjoining the Malacca Straits. Now, as armed robbery and militancy in South east Asia are on the rise, there is a clamor for outside assistance in the maritime security effort. But India must be aware that joint maritime operations in the region will come with its share of challenges.

Ships at Malacca Strait
Ships at Malacca Strait

The participation of India in the Malacca Strait Patrol will create problems¬†for Chinese expansion based policies. The intervention of India will restrict any Chinese expansion. India has a powerful navy and could counter any aggression of Chinese Navy. The real significance of Indian involvement in the Malacca patrol is that every Navy has real time data of commercial ships and Naval platforms. Indians will be able to track and take appropriate action against any ship during any time of conflict, which will reduce the capabilities of Chinese Navy’s movement dramatically.


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