Pride of Pakistan ‘PNS Ghazi’ which was Sunk Discovered in Visakhapatnam Waters


It is coming as a major revelation that the remains of PNS Ghazi, the first Pakistani attack submarine has been found in the waters of Viskhapatnam. The submarine took part in many wars and during 1971 Indo-pak war it was sunk by the Indian Navy.

Sinking of PNS Ghazi is one of the most mysterious things about 1971 war. The Indian and and Pakistan quote different reasons for sinking of PNS Ghazi. India says that INS Rajput was the one responsible for hitting PNS Ghazi on that fateful day and Ghazi was sunk by a clever plan by Indian Navy. The Pakistani Navy thought the INS Vikrant is near Visakhapatnam but it was out near Andaman when INS Rajput was at Visakhapatnam. PNS Ghazi came in search of INS Vikrant but was baffled by INS Rajput and torpedoes hit the Ghazi and it sunk.

INS Vikrant

Balram Naidu, director of Livein Adventures, quoted to Yo Vizag, “PNS Ghazi has been located near the entrance of the city’s port, at a depth of 28m from the sea surface. While the divers of Indian Navy have been conducting regular dives here, further details are yet to be studied. We need to discuss with the concerned authorities and decide how to take this further and help Vizag gain another feather in its cap of the tourism industry.”

Vizag is already know for water sport activities and tourism. The discovery of PNS Ghazi will be an other attraction for the tourists visiting Vizag.

A new pic of INS Vikrant

Indeed, the sinking of PNS Ghazi and the destruction of Karachi Harbour were two key points of Indo-Pak war which made the enemy’s navy very weak and lose all confidence. Pakistan Navy lost almost 30% of their navy in 1971 war.

The losses of Pakistan Navy were 2 Destroyers, 1 Minesweeper, 1 Submarine, 3 Patrol vessels, 7 Gunboats, 18 Cargo, Supply and Communication ships destroyed. Also, 3 Merchant Navy ships captured, 10 small vessels captured, Widespread damage to Chittagong Harbour.
Pakistani main port Karachi facilities were damaged, fuel tanks destroyed. Also a widespread damage to Pakistani airfields.

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