‘I protect my country but my family faces threat’, Army Jawan Pleads For Help To Protect His Family


Vithal Kodakol, an Indian Army Jawan posted in Srinagar was seen pleading for help in a video for his family living in Karnataka.

“I protect the country but my family faces a boycott,” said the jawan.

Vithal, a resident of the Totagatti village of Belagavi in a video pleaded for help and requested the government to protect his old parents who live in the village.

In the video, Jawan highlights how he faces threats from Pakistan and China and despite all the threat how that one feeling of knowing his parents aren’t safe back home creates the biggest fear in him. His parents are defenceless back there in the village and the strongman constantly threatens them over a piece of land.

Even Jawans have their own problems, but they guard the borders to protect us.

He says that his family is being targeted over a piece of land that belongs to them. 

Vithal says, “My family has have been ostracized over a piece of land. The villagers want us to give up a piece of our land for an Anganwadi school. They are threatening to ostracize us if we refuse. They have issued a stern warning to find anyone who speaks to us, we are not allowed to visit the temple or draw water.”

The entire rift is over a small piece of land that is being used as a cow shed by Vithal’s family. He adds, “I have been serving in the army for five years now and I am currently posted in Srinagar. My brother is a BMTC driver in Bengaluru and my aged parents live alone here. I don’t know what to do. I protect the country and face boycott from my villagers.”

He went to his home after taking an emergency leave but has to come back to Srinagar on August 27. He says, “My leave ends on August 27 and I have to report back to duty. I am scared to leave my parents alone. I request you to please help them and give us justice.”

It is known that the district administration held a talk between the villagers on August 19 but the Jawan claims that nothing positive came out of the discussion.

In fact, the thugs who have been troubling my family (Ningappa Bommannavar, Eeranna Hirolli, Sangappa Hirolli, Ningappa Kodliwad and Holeppa Chennasetty), threatened even the officials who had come to offer a solution to the land rift.

District officials, however, say that an agreement has been reported to provide land for the Anganwadi near the village school. They have also denied that there was no boycott against the soldier’s family.

Source: One India News