Pune Couple sold their Jewellery to Construct an Oxygen Plant at 13,000 feet for Siachen Soldiers


A Pune couple, Sumeedha and Yogesh Chithade, sold their Jewelleries worth ₹1.25 lakh to help construct an oxygen plant in Siachen for our soldiers which cost around ₹ 1.10 crore.

Yogesh chithade and Sumeedha chithade

Siachen is the highest battlefield in the world where temperature fluctuate between minus 18 and minus 60 degree Celsius. Here surviving and giving duty in harsh conditions is physically as well as mentally challenging. To survive here soldiers have to acquire special skills like crossing crevasses, climbing over and cutting through 90 degree ice water,avalanche clearing, drilling and casualty evacuation.

The plant will be constructed at 13000 feet above sea level will reduce the time, cost and effort in transporting oxygen cylinders from Chandigarh. Our Jawan will have ready to access to oxygen at the high altitude. Once plant completed it will be used by approximately 9000 jawans.

Sumeedha Chitade, who is a school teacher is mother of army Major. She has been actively working for army welfare since 1999 considering army as her own family. she said ” When I was at Siachen base camp, i realised the climate there is extremely harsh.  Even in summer the temperature is at minus 35 degree Celsius and it drops to minus 55 Celsius in winter Our soldiers, who plod through 35.40 feet deep snow at the risk of developing snow blindness and frost bite, are lonely and cut off from their families and friends.”

Yogesh Chitade, who took premature retirement from Indian Air force with his wife has set up charitable trust that is registered with the charity commissioner office in Pune. This charitable trust in Pune is to help soldiers to breathe in extreme climate of Siachen. The other five trustees also want to make contribution towards the cause.

Couple urged other families also to contribute for our soldiers who are protecting our nation atleast ₹1 each. Let’s do our bit for the men who guard.