How to Distinguish Between Ranks of Indian Air Force (in order)?


The Indian Air Force is also known as ‘Bhartiya Vayu Sena’- the fourth largest and powerful Air Force in the world. It’s primary role is to defend Indian Airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during the armed conflict. Youngsters are curious to know the ranks of Indian air force, of both Non-Commissioned and Commissioned Officers. Some people despite knowing the structure fail to identify the rank holders. DefenceLover has designed the hierarchy of IAF for better understanding and knowledge of youngsters. We hope you will be able to identify ranks of Indian air force in order after reading this. If you want to read about the ranks in Indian army, click here.

Non-Commisioned Officer Ranks

  • Rank- Aircraftman
    Abbreviation:- AC
Rank of Aircraft in the IAF
  • Rank- Leading Aircraftman
    Abbreviation:- LAC
Rank of Leading Aircraftman
  • Rank- Corporal
    Abbreviation:- Cpl
Rank of Corporal in the IAF
  • Rank- Sergeant
    Abbreviation:- Sgt
Rank of Sergeant in the IAF

Junior Commissioned Officers

  • Rank- Junior Warrant Officer
    Abbreviation- JWO

Rank of JWO in the IAF
  • Rank- Warrant Officer
    Abbreviation- WO

Rank of WO in the IAF
  • Rank- Master Warrant Officer
    Abbreviation- MWO

Rank of MWO in the IAF

Commisioned Officer Ranks

  • Rank- Flying Officer
    Abbreviation- Fg Off
Rank of Fl Off
Courtesy- Hindustan Times
  • Rank- Flight Lieutenant
    Abbreviation- Fl Lt
Rank of Ft Lt

  • Rank- Squadron Leader
    Abbreviation- Sqn Ldr
Rank of Sqn Ldr
Courtesy- Bharat Rakshak
  • Rank- Wing Commander
    Abbreviation- Wg Cdr
Rank of Wg Cdr
Courtesy- India Today
  • Rank- Group Captain
    Abbreviation- Gp Cap
Rank of Gp Cap

  • Rank- Air Commodore
    Abbreviation- Air Cdre
Rank of Air Cdre
Air Cdre Suresh Badyal
  • Rank- Air Vice Marshal
    Abbreviation- AVM
Rank of AVM
AVM Radhakrishnan
  • Rank- Air Marshal
    Abbreviation- AM
Rank of Air Marshal
Courtesy- Indian Strategic
  • Rank- Air Chief Marshal
    Abbreviation- ACM
Rank of ACM
ACM P V Naik
  • Rank- Marshal of the Air Force
Marshal of the IAF
First Marshal of the IAF

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