Pak Media Blames RAW behind Missing ISI Agent

Photograph of Mohammad Habib
Photograph of Mohammad Habib

On April 6, 2017, a shocking report came on air when a private TV company reported, about a missing ISI agent and Pakistani sources are declaring the RAW in this incident.

Mohammad Habib, who has the rank of retired lieutenant colonel went missing on the 6th April 2017 from Lumbini, Nepal. Mohammad Habib served in Pakistani Army in Artillery corps from September 1988 to October 2013, then it is believed that he was working for ISI after the armed forces and may be within the Armed Forces.

Photograph of Mohammad Habib
Photograph of Mohammad Habib

Mohammad uploaded his CV on the web of UK and Lekstroom sometime ago after his retirement. He got calls from a man name Thamssion who was from UKĀ and Indian post. Thamssion fixed the meeting in Nepal, but since then there is no sign of Mohammad Habib.

According to the initial investigation, Habib was trapped because that Indian Post is blocked and all of its records is missing and the number from which Habib was called is also fake. FO Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria also confirmed the missing reports of senior Pakistani Army officer.

While the Investigation is still in the process, some Pakistani sources have already declared the hand of India’s premier intelligence agency R&AW in the matter. The matter has been raised with the Nepalese government and the Pakistani Embassy in Kathmandu.

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