When a R&AW Officer who Got 40 Militants Killed Was Denied his due Credits


Sometime in 1997 a middle level R&AW officer developed two important sources while posted at Kupwara in Jammu and Kashmir. The area was hub of militancy and a number of youths from here escaped to Pakistan where they were getting trained in terrorist camps at different places.

This R&AW officer developed an educated lady who was teaching in an institution at Kupwara as one of his source. This lady was very popular among her lady students. Militants getting training in Pakistan used to send letters through couriers. These couriers were illiterate person who were working for these militants across the border to collect the information and other material from these militants in Pakistan which were sent to their family in Kashmir. They carried letters in the name of their family members and to their girlfriends.

Some militants used to send their recent photographs, it also included photos with various weapons given to them while getting trained. These girlfriends of militants used to share the content of the letter with the lady because most of them were semi literate and usually went to her to get their letters read by the lady. The militants used to disclose the unconfirmed dates of their entry inside Jammu and Kashmir through particular routes.

A representational image of Militants

The second source of the R&AW officer was a postman of Kupwara who delivered letters top the family of these militants. The postman started giving the letters to the R&AW officer. On the basis of information gathered from the lady teacher and the postman, the R&AW officer used to collate all sort of details of these militants and send to his office and to army as well.

The station chief of the R&AW officer at Kupwara authorized him to meet the GOC of the Army of that area. This R&AW officer started giving details to Major Gen VG Patnankar who was GOC of 28th Infantry Division Kupwara. On the basis of information of this R&AW officer, the army became more vigilant on the routes where the militants where expected on the dates as told by this R&AW agent.

A search Operation

In a span of about one year, 40 hardcore militants were killed by the army while they were crossing inside Jammu and Kashmir from various entry points in this area. Major General Patnankar used to send a certificate to his headquarters which clearly mentioned detail of each and every militant killed by the army on the basis of the information supplied to him by the R&AW officer.

Indian Army in Kashmir

In R&AW this officer was treated very badly, he was an upright die hard honest but a little obstinate in his style of working. His officer in-charge from Srinagar recommended a reward of 20,000 Rs and a foreign assignment. A senior desk officer at R&AW headquarters also endorsed the recommendation of Srinagar office and approved him for a posting at London. The then R&AW secretary Arvind Dave who had developed a personal bias against this officer few years ago and he declined him not only the foreign assignment but also a reward of Rs 20,000. This brilliant officer became remorseful there after. His other colleagues got four foreign posting during their service career and he got just one and that at an insignificant place.

Some R&AW officers display their personal hostility above the national interest which not only harms the organization but leaves some individuals as heartbroken and depressed. These individuals devote their personal energy to demoralize this department rather than utilizing their talent for a better cause.

Life at R&AW

This a true story of an officer who did his best for the nation but did not get the reward which he deserved. This incident is written and shared by R K Yadav, a former R&AW officer in his book, Mission R&AW.

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