Real-Life Phunsukh Wangdu is all set with his Innovation to keep Jawans warm during chilling winters


Sonam Wangchuk, the engineer- turned- innovator on whose life Actor Amir Khan’s character Phunsukh Wangdu was based in the movie 3 Idiots has developed an interesting plus brilliant innovation that can help the Indian Army big time.

While talking on the sidelines of a J&K government event in Srinagar on Monday, Wangchuk shared his plans of setting up a plant in Ladakh.

Army has shown keen interest in the pre-fabricated solar heated mud huts developed by Wangchuk. The huts are Eco-friendly and in the winters of Ladakh, which is one of the coldest mountain deserts in the world, it would not require massive heating to keep the soldiers warm even during chilling weather conditions outside, reports Economic Times.

A prototype has already been developed and the Army is showing interest for at least 10,000 such structures, said Wangchuk. He is also planning on setting up a plant in Ladakh which also happens to be his hometown.

“These are movable, prefabricated and can be assembled on the spot and give solutions to meet the Army’s shelter requirements. The cost of heating will be zero. Even if the temperature outside is minus 20 degrees Celsius, it will be 20 degrees Celsius inside the hut, without any heating”, according to a report by Economic Times.

Wangchuk told ET that these huts are also useful to keep the environment clean as it will not only save the massive amounts of oil consumed by the Indian Army to maintain the warmth around Jawans but will also purge the pollution caused by its use.

The Army would be paying Wangchuk for constructing all the prototypes. He said, “We are doing several more prototypes. It will be scaled up. I don’t think the Army has formulated a policy, but they have shown keen interest and are paying for the prototypes”.

“Materials will be fabricated in the plant for a whole year and assembled on the spot in summer when the weather is fine. One hut will take just two weeks to be set up,” he said. Wangchuk is also in the process of establishing the Alternative Mountain University under which the the plant of Ladakh will be working.


Wangchuk said these huts can be pretty useful in Tibet and China considering their extreme temperatures and that Chinese have also made inquiries about such structures. “This can be used in Tibet and different parts of central Asia. We have to wake up to challenges of climate changes,” he said.