Reasons Why India has an imminent threat from China


The Indo-China Doklam standoff began in mid-June when India accused China of constructing a road in the territory towards Doklam plateau. The Royal Bhutanese Army also raised objections to any such Chinese attempts. The standoff continued for 70 days.

For the PRC government and their media the crisis was a chance to threaten India as well as to corner India. However, the war of words and continued incursions by Chinese also brought into light, any misunderstanding that remained in the Indians’ minds about ‘the Great Chinese Dream’.

Everything about china and their ambitions came out in the public domain wide and clear. The cat was out of out of the Bag. China was never our friend but the biggest adversary. For India and Indians the time to stay asleep in China’s case was over.

Chinese warnings-

We must thoroughly understand the warnings and threats that where continuously spat upon us by the state run Chinese media and other Chinese government agencies.

“China can go on an “all out” confrontation along the entire around 4000-km Line of Actual Control.”

“It was time to teach a lesson to India once again and this time the situation would be worse than 1962.”

PLA Army

“By the logic that India is blocking China from making roads in Dokalam, with the same logic, a third country (i.e. China) in support of Pakistan can penetrate Kashmir.”

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in his letter to Nehru considered China ‘a potential enemy’. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar considered China as ‘long term threat to India’. These two prodigal sons of India and forefathers of our Democracy, warned us against the threat of communist China many times.

Very recently, a hindi daily exposed a deep conspiracy by the intelligence division of the Chinese Army’s involvement in destabilizing the country through funding and training of banned Naxalite organizations, Maoists and insurgents operating in Arunachal Pradesh Jharkhand, Bengal, Odisha and Chhattisgarh. Action has also been started to demolish the naxalite training camps being run in cooperation with Chinese PLA intelligence operatives in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Indian Air Force Got Suspicious-

The Indian Air Force has banned the use of Xiaomi-Redmi 1S smartphones for its personnel and their families. The officials are fearing that the Chinese smartphone-maker is accessing personal user data and storing them on its servers in Beijing, The IAF’s directive is based on tests run by F-Secure, a Finnish security firm, on Redmi 1S. Results of the tests were extremely alarming. On the basis of information received from Computer Emergency Response Team – India (CERT IN), Indian Air Force Intelligence Branch also prepared a detailed report. The report vindicated the stand that smart phones of xiaomi-Redmi were delivering all their user data to their bosses sitting in China.

Xiaomi Redmi

There are also a lot of evidences available on the Xiaomi-Redmi phone connecting to China-based IP addresses. It was also revealed during the investigations that the owner of the server( is none other but the Information Ministry of Government of China.

The Indian Air Force continuously warned and persuaded the government about inherit security threats and spying from China’s smart phone xiaomi-Redmi but nobody in the higher ups took those warnings seriously. Questions were raised in the Parliament too, yet nobody cared about the need to ban the controversial Chinese Smartphone or investigate the case.

The eventuality was finally struck on the Armed forces personnel and all the personnel of the three uniformed services were banned from using smart phones and also barred from using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Also, the use of smart phone applications such as Smash-App, V-Chat, Line-App, were completely abbreviated. All the jawans and officers were asked to immediately close and change their personal e-mail ids.

Growing Chinese Presence- 

As I am penning this piece today all Indian cities are glowing at night with large advertising banners of many Chinese mobile phone brands. The Chinese mobile companies are sponsoring many big tournaments from cricket to kabaddi.

While dealing with china and Chinese products, there is a direct danger of espionage. Profits earned by the Peoples Republic of China by selling its cheap products to us is being spent on making repeated bogus claims on Indian regions namely Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Andaman and Nicobar islands by showing doctored ancient maps, sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir via aid to Pakistan and empowering Pakistan to enable it to make its ‘Islamic Nuclear Bombs’, encircling us(India) with the noxious strategy of ‘Sting of Pearls’.

Digging up the Himalayas and endangering the ancient Himalayan eco-system for building up roads and railways in Tibet, Pakistan and Nepal with sole purpose of military mobilization against us, to build up nuclear arsenal, warships and aircrafts, which it might use against us in case there is a war and also to promote and train naxalites, Maoists who are involved in sabotage and anti-national activities within India.

Pilferage of Database-

Chinese smart phones and applications were forwarding whole database of the user to Pakistan’s inter services intelligence agents. Smartphone application samshApp’s server was located in Germany which was being operated by an ISI agent Named Sajid Rana by web address The technique of this application by China Was developed. This application was developed by the Chinese hackers in such a prepared in such a way that as soon as a user downloads the application all user data such as call details, sms records, photos, videos and call records automatically gets uploaded onto the SmashApp server.

The F secure forensic audit of Chinese smartphone maker xiommi-redmi was no surprise. The officials of armed forces were unknowingly being used as handlers of espionage. As ordinary officers of the armed forces are no expert of Information Technology, they were unable to understand the pilferage of information. The integrated headquarters of defence officially acknowledged spying attempts by such apps and smartphone usage.

The US-China economic and review commission staff report 2011-
Few years ago one of the biggest players in the telecom field was a Chinese company named “Hutchison Whampoa”. After reading the below paragraph published in the US-China economic and review commission staff report 2011, one wonders, “Why on earth the Hutch was allowed to do telecom business in India?

Do we have a system for forensic and technical audit of mobile phones and telecom service providers?” I still remember ‘Hutch’ as the official CUG service provider for the Indian Navy. Were they recording our calls then?

“The crux of the opposition to Hutchison was the company’s alleged connections to the Chinese government. Senior Chinese government officials are reputedly among Hutchison’s stockholders. The Department of Defense and others feared that China could use this investment relationship to influence Hutchison and particularly to obtain access to Global Crossing’s communications networks… Hutchison is clearly a legitimate, commercial, publicly-traded entity with a long history of business success, but Chinese intelligence entities have used their ownership stake in foreign companies as a means to obtain controlled technology. The fear that the Chinese government, if given the opportunity, would extend the use of this technology to collect communications is not an unreasonable fear.”

Now, it is crystal clear from the above paragraph that the US government considers Chinese companies as threat to their national security. This Chinese company Hutchison-Vempoa has been notorious worldwide for being a cyber-spy. This Chinese company is deeply involved with Chinese Communist Government and the Chinese, People’s Liberation Army. This company works with the Chinese Army’s Cyber ​​Regiment in the areas of ​​cyber warfare and cyber espionage. The truth of communist China is that the Chinese army is the owner of many well-known corporate companies spread across the world or work closely with corporations like Hutchinson-Vempoa. In this way China’s army also spies around the world and earns money.

The String of Pearls-

Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) with full support and diplomatic collaboration with the PLA, has been developing a network of naval bases in south Asian littoral nations as a means to project maritime power into the Indian Ocean and beyond to the Middle East known in the military circles as the ‘Sting of Pearls’. Prima facie the Chinese activity in the littoral nations is economic but growing presence of the People’s Liberations Army in those ports in the name of maritime security has proven notions of our forefathers correct. The string of pearls is a major threat to India’s business interests in the Indian Ocean Region and is also a intimidation to our sovereignty.

India’s Dependence on Chinese transmission Equipments

India’s dependence on Chinese equipments is a recipe of self immolation for us as a nation. The Chinese encroachment in the telecom sector is a very deeply thought out strategy of the Chinese PLA. Chinese transmitter equipment makers like Huewai has a deep foothold as the biggest equipment supplier for india’s lanline service provider on which the whole of Indian Banking system and financial institutions operate.

Does, these transmitters have the capacity to directly establish link-up with their parent – Chinese satellites? 60 percent of the country’s CDMA and GSM mobile communication run only by Chinese vendors. Fear of a layman like me is if, there is a slight malfunction in the GPS network of the country, then the entire communication network, entire economy might shut down.

The Cyber Warfare Regiment PLA

In recent years, Chinese PLA has created a new regiment in the People’s Liberation Army, known as the Cyber ​​Warfare Regiment. Our country’s current communication service is so very much dependent upon China that in case of a war like situation China can also hack our military command and control systems. It is a known fact that it was the Chinese who provided critical security information about the Pathankot base to the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

Hutch was the largest mobile service provider in India, who suddenly sold its business to Vodafone and vanished from the scene. The big question is how did Hutchison Vampoa penetrate India without a security clearance? Have the Chinese army installed the communication network of the Chinese army using Hutch as their front? Did the governments not know their reality or remained ignorant about their intentions? How deep is the penetration of the Chinese Cyber ​​Regiment inside India?

Do they have the capacity to Break through and remotely control Indian communications systems? Who will find out how deep their penetration is? The Indian government opened the way for the Chinese army to enter each and every household of the country in the lustrous name of globalization.

Now the Ball is in our Court
The very harsh reality of the present is that China has reached our homes. xiaomi – Redmi, a spy machine in the shape of a phone is moving around in the hands of millions of unnoticed citizens of the country. With the use of smart phones and Android applications, China is shamelessly capturing the confidential data of Indian users and we are busy reading fake news in facebook and whatsapp.

The world trade agreements won’t allow the governments to ban the Chinese goods. Now, the ball is in our court. It is the prerogative of the people of india, the common falks, the mango people to come out and impose total eradication, total self imposed ban on everything and anything that is Chinese.

Can India do this? Will Indians do this?

The breaking of this empire of China is only indigenous adoption. If we the common Indians, all of us, today adopt complete exclusion of the Chinese products then only something will be possible.

-Petty Officer Manan Bhatt, Veteran(I.N.) (The writer has served in the Indian Navy. You can reach out to him at [email protected])

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