Rebuttal to Wire’s Blasphemous Article on Indian Army… It’s time We Counter Them


So we came across Ghazala Wahab’s article in the wire telling people about army’s ways. We write a rebuttal of that as a lot of get misinformed about the army from such articles aimed for publicity.

Ghazala is a known name, spreading canards of lies against Nation and Indian Army in particular. My introduction with her was when I was really shocked to read an article in FORCE news magazine’s titled ‘Officers and Gentlemen‘. Right from the first to the last word, the article which appeared in TOI’s November 25th edition of 2016, was not only highly derogatory of the officer’s class of the Indian armed forces, but it was also highly misinformed. First Ghazala wrote that she got lot of calls from retired Army Officers on Army courts judgement on Machil fake encounter case and that how army hesitated to punish its own people when found wrong.

Then she felt like telling these callers about Pathribal, Kunan Poshpora, Sailan and so many others but desisted. Somebody must have informed her that Indian army was one of the only army in the world which was fighting insurgencies since independence with only small arms. The Pakistani and Chinese Army just across the border continued to use helicopter gunships, F-16 fighter aircrafts and heavy guns to fight insurgency causing collateral damage to their own countrymen. Surprising Ghazala and her equally distasteful and morbid bete noire Mr Pravin Sawhney had nothing to say against them? Rather they came up with a detailed analysis to profess why India can never think of a conflict with china and not even Pakistan either.

The opening line of their much hyped book’s (Dragon on Our doorsteps) prologue said it all, and it was indeed scary: “Let alone China, India cannot even win a war against Pakistan.Not because of the parity that Pakistan is believed to have acquired through possession of nuclear weapons, but because it has been building military power, whereas India has been building military force. What an apathy and shame Ms Ghazala, do we need any enemy with you guys being there…

Ms G.. because I don’t want to utter even your name, but must tell you that in Indian Army every soldier right from the first day is trained to kill. She should be asking the questions she raised in this article from herself and not giving sermons to Army.

If Army is being used for the insurgency it is apparent that this job is beyond some designated force. So SOPs will be followed as enshrined within Army. But if she wants to sing an eulogy for the eliminated terrorist, she is most welcome.

Let Army do it’s job Ms. Ghazala. It’s not that simple, a grenade under the dead terrorist can really blow you into smithereens. Causes lot of pain and instant death!! Not like writing a head turning article in The Wire for publicity sake.

Indian Army has fifty thousand officers and right from the first day of their two year training in IMA and three years in NDA the officers are taught to respect even the dead leave aside the living. Even for a dead Pakistani the Indian Army never left a stone unturned to give the fallen his due. How can she tarnish the image of fifty thousand officers and 13 lakh stong Army by this latest blasphemous article against our time tested SOPs?

Here’s the video where Pakistani soldiers in Pakistani flags, were carried to be given to Pakistani army and even Indian soldiers saluted to those who have fallen in the line of duty. Should we show our respect to terrorists?

Ghazala will not stop here.
It is really pathetic that these types of articles written by such uninformed people get published. It is time we bring truth to public eye and run campaign against these type of columnists whose basic aim appears to malign the Indian armed forces and gain cheap popularity.

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