Recently Commissioned in The Indian Army, Lt. Hemaang Rohila Shares His Experience


A total of 487 cadets were commissioned in Indian Army after POP held on December 9, 2017 last year. In which Lt. H. Rohilla was also present. Here are some bits of his journey from being a simple boy to be in a different league of Men. Interviewed by his own brother who is following his footsteps.

Q1). How and when all of this started?

Guns have always fascinated me. Even when I was a kid I preferred buying a toy gun over any other gift. Movies like Border, LOC Kargil always instilled a respect for the army in me and left me with an impression that this is the noblest profession of all. My craving for an adventurous lifestyle along with my parent’s dream of seeing me in the Olive Green motivated me to join the Army.

Hemaang was a bright student in his school days and is a great learner as he got himself selected in the National Defence Academy.

Q2). How did you get to know about NDA? And how you prepared for it?

I came to know about The NDA through a class 6th friend who had his NDA exam and stayed at my place for a night. I appeared for the written exam just as my 12th board exams got over. So Whatever I had learned was still fresh. The written exam was not much of a difficulty for me and the SSB (Services Selection Board) for that I took guidance from Dehradun.

Q3). The number of times you appeared for the examination?

The answer was pretty simple “I cleared the exam and the following SSB in a single attempt”. The feeling of pride was reflecting in his eyes straightaway.

When asked about any memorable incident that happened during SSB?
A little blush arrived on his face “Interesting SSB incident was….. meeting a really cute girl in CCD “. He didn’t speak more about that.

Q4). The easiness and the difficulties during your training?

Raising his eyebrows with a smile he says “Difficulties were many”

Starting from being forced to wake up at 8 or 9 in the morning to wake up at 4 or even before that…… and from not running more than 100 m to running cross-countries and running back with weights and rifles.

From not being able to do a single push up to showing off your abs to your civil friends. There were a lot of difficult times. But like a silver lining, there were course mates to experience it all with you. And trust me with course mates or I should say your brothers in arms these things aren’t as difficult as they sound like. These words were spine-chilling and I felt Goosebumps thinking of what he was and what he is now.

Things always used to stay the same but once you get into the grid of the academy they start getting easier. And that’s what the Academy makes you learn ‘Sense of Adaptability’.

Q5). What arm did you choose? And how was your experience during training?

With a bold voice, he answered “Artillery” and he got the same.

Talking about the experiences during the training….

“There are no words to define it. It was a mix of all the feelings a person can possibly feel in a lifetime. Starting from homesickness to the sorrow of leaving your course mates. It was a journey word can’t explain.”

Q6). Talking about any interesting academy incident that you remember?

Interesting academy incidents…….there were many. Each having its own definition of interesting.

In my fifth term in the academy. I was lucky enough to get a Midterm leave.
Luckily enough my parents used to stay in Pune and luckily I know how to drive.

So my course mates who were there in the academy unlike me, had got a permit to go out which we call liberty. Now they had to be back to the academy by 2000 hrs. I picked them up from the academy at 1200 hrs after they got their liberty card signed by the officer and we left for Imagica. Which is around 100 odd km from NDA.

We reached there by 1315 hrs. Thanks to my driving skills.

Had a blast at Imagica and I dropped them back at the academy at 1945 hrs.

Each day in the academy was an incident in itself.

Q7). How do you feel now after commissioning into Indian army and taking the rank of Lieutenant before your name and with shining shoulders?

It’s a different feeling. A sense of responsibility is there. There’s a long way to go and many things to learn. But there is no doubt, that I feel proud of being an officer in this great organisation, The Indian Army of this great nation.

Here we ended our discussion.

Well, he is everything to me for my motivation to get into the Indian Army as he is the first person from our family to become an Officer in such a prestigious institution. He is the proud to our family and the society.

It’s an open message to the youngsters standing out there that earning what you dream of has a different feeling. It’s Godly.

This story is republished with permission from Project Shaurya.