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After the dispersal of screened out candidates, we were allotted rooms according to our groups. We had a rest for 2 hours after rechecking of documents.

Soon after that my psychological tests were taken at 6.30 PM which ended around 9 PM. We went to our rooms after dinner. My group had 10 candidates and we were allotted the room named ‘Sukhoi’. Apart from my own group I ventured around in other rooms and made friends from other groups as well.

Day-2 Interview

It was at 10:30 am and I wake up at 4 AM to prepare for it. I revised all the questions I prepared. Brushed some current affairs and got ready. I reached the waiting room at 10:10 am. I was asked to wait and a person asked for my documents and certificates at 10:25 am. After 15 minutes of scrutiny he called me in at 10:30 am. I asked for the permission to come in and marched into the room confidently. After an exchange of greetings, he asked me to take the seat. The interview went for more than an hour. Maybe 80 minutes. The Interviewer began with rapport building and asked the meaning of my name and where do I hail from.

After answering these questions, I was asked to answer a series of questions, which are also known as rapid-fire questions, where the interviewer asks some 10-15 questions rapidly and one has to answer all of them in a right sequence. Round one was focused upon me only. The questions were about my Educational background, my reason behind the intent of joining defense forces, Round one was good.

There were three rapid-fire rounds which I answered confidently, correctly and in proper sequence. While I was answering he tried his level best to break my concentration by using a pen, his mobile, making weird faces. Still, I continued and remained focused. After that, the Interviewer started a General knowledge round and it lasted for 15mins. I was asked about burning International and National Issues. We had a good discussion over the Pakistan Issue and the Syrian Crisis.

Meanwhile, questions about GF, alcohol, relationships, and friends were asked which I answered them with full confidence. Then came the technical round which I was eagerly waiting for and he asked me questions from planes, drones, missiles, S-400, an aircraft carrier. Moreover, this interview got converted into a discussion which we both enjoyed. I was hungry and ran towards the mess to have lunch. After my interview, I came to know he was the Board President and I really enjoyed those 80 mins (After all I prepared for 7-8 months for this, even studied topics like history, geography, propulsion which were out of my interest)


My group was totally free for day 3 and we played Table tennis and enjoyed our time together.

Day-4 Group Tasks

Group tasks started at 7.30am and we were asked to be seated in a room. After waiting for around 30 minutes, Two Assessors entered the room and briefed us about the first task and its rules.

1. Group Discussions One
2. Group Discussion two
3. Group Planning exercise
4. Progressive Group task
5. Half Group Task

The thing is all the tests went very well. I was the person who was giving maximum ideas. Also, I was light-weight so even the group was sending me ahead in all tasks on the ground. I respected each and every individual’s view. I kept my each point with valid examples and able to influence group with my knowledge. They themselves don’t know when they started following me and I emerged as a leader. My funny behavior and always positive attitude combined with knowledge was the reason behind this good performance.

Day -5 GTO (Remaining Tasks)

6. Lecturette

I spoke for full 3 minutes and gave my best. I made full use of those 3 minutes (I Love to speak among people, this helped me here)

7. Individual Obstacles

This was easy. I did 13 obstacles in the given time. And most funny part was that I climbed that rope but I didn’t know how to come down, so I slithered down and injured my hand. At end of this task, I was lying down on the ground with sand on my clothes.

8. Command Task:

My command task went really well. I was called by 7 out of 7 group members as their teammate (Result of good performance in previous test and my ability to make friends easily). I had already helped 4 members with their command task when my turn came. Before command task the GTO had a small interview with me, again I brought him to drones, planes, helicopters (Which I always wanted). This went for around 10 minutes and I came to know that he is also a pilot. I was battle hardened by it and completed my command task in just 20 seconds. Then he kept on changing my task making it more and more difficult. This went for around 30 minutes and he changed task about 9-10 times. I was able to complete task Everytime within given time. GTO never change task so many time which I knew, so when he changed it 8th time, I looked at him with a smile. He replied “Sachin ko khi bhi batting krni pad sakti hai no1, no5, no8 position.It was tiring but a worthwhile experience. (Remember my hand was injured and bleeding but I didn’t pay attention to it keep doing my work)

Final group task:

This was quite easy in comparison to the PGT. In this task, everyone cooperated and we were able to successfully complete it within the given time. Again I was the one leading from the front, giving ideas and executing.