Recommended For Indian Air Force Flying Branch From 3 AFSB Gandhinagar Shares Valuable Tips


Conference Day

It was a big day for every candidate. I was injured, it was paining and I had to visit doctor which gave me only 5 min to dress up. In this whole mess up, I forgot to trim my beard, which I came to know when other candidates told me. My turn came and I waited for around 15 mins outside the conference room. It was way more than the average waiting time of 1 min for all the candidates who went before me. I marched in and greeted them. There were around 20 officers sitting in that room. I had to be calm, no matter what. They launched the questions ranging from my personal to academic life. Almost all the questions were complex. I was able to answer them confidently. One officer said, “Abhinav this is the last question of your whole journey, Where do you see yourself in the next two hours”. I answered, “Sir, in the next two hours I see myself calling my parents, my teachers, my GF and telling them about my recommendation in Indian Airforce as a Pilot”. Then they asked for suggestions. I gave none and smiled at them. With this, my conference ended.

All the 36 candidates were asked to wait in the hall. DSO sir came with a slip and said “We have only one candidate who got selected and that is Chest number 11”. I looked down on my chest and verified 11. My mind stopped working for a second. My heart skipped a beat. I was neither happy nor crying which people usually do. I was just sitting blank with a feeling of satisfaction. All the hard work I did for a year, all the bad things I left, all the sacrifices I made, all my motivators, all critics, everything was coming in front of my eyes. It was the moment when my dream turned into reality. Finally, my visualizations were turned into the reality that day. I was immediately taken to a different room and all other 35 candidates greeted me with a smile. I filled up numerous forms and the whole process took 4 hours. After completing the formalities I was free.

Walking out of the Air Force Selection Board as a recommended candidate was the biggest achievement of my life.

After that I was sent to 1 Airforce Selection Board, Dehradun for my CPSS exam and I passed it too.

I cleared all medical, after that I went for Navy Pilot Entry which I also cleared (I will write that story some other day)

This skipped many things in-between otherwise I can write a whole book on this great Journey.

I would like to conclude my experience with a quote “Man becomes what he thinks about”. Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions should be aligned with your goals. Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. You just have to be disciplined and persistent in your actions. Success comes at a cost of losing your closed ones, sleepless nights, early mornings, being misunderstood, being your own cheerleader. If you can do this, then nothing can stop your dreams from manifesting itself into reality.

And I would like to thank my Parents, Teachers and my friends who are with me since class 1 of school Harleen and Sarthak for their contribution in my life and I am really lucky to have you all.

My dear friends, I wish you all the good that prevails in this universe. May you march towards your goal with glory and become the Woman/Man you were meant to be.

Abhinav Sharma

If you want to know anything in depth or if you have any specific question then feel free to contact me. I will try my level best to help you all.
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