Recommended From 33 SSB Bhopal For Indian Navy After Getting Merit Out From IAF


My name is Kshitijnoor Singh and my father is a retired Colonel from Indian Army. It had been a childhood burning desire to join the Forces and follow father’s footsteps. He’s a 4th Generation officer in our family and I had to continue the legacy! I couldn’t clear written for NDA so I was left for all Graduate entries after Graduation.

I got recommended twice. Once from 1 AFSB Dehradun, AFCAT entry but got merit out. Then got recommended for Indian Navy in December 2017 and made it into merit list. My father, my best friend are the ones who’ve helped me a lot for this success. I’ll put down the entire experience of the last SSB here.

It was an amazing experience. Right from reporting day to the last one, it was beautiful. I had been to SCC Bhopal about a year ago for CDSE entry. However this was going to be different, since this time, it was for Navy.

Reporting Day: About 80 candidates reported on 20th Dec 2017. I made friends right at the station. We were taken to SSB center, got documents checked and chest numbers given. There were other batches for NCC entry, both boys and girls. It got pretty late completing verification and we got our beds pretty late. Still, a friend and I chose to watch a movie on phone before calling it a day.

Screening Day: I was familiar to process being a repeater, everything went well, I had performed well and was sure of getting screened in. Although when the DSO announced results, she skipped my chest number and I my heart sank. But then she called out my number later. What a relief it was!! We moved with further documentation. I got chest number 10, just like my dad did when it was his ssb.

Day 2: I hadn’t prepared any differently for psych tests, just a blank story and SD paragraphs. I rather took advise of not preparing tat slides beforehand. And thankfully, psych tests went really good. I completed all TAT, 56 SRT and 59 WAT. My interview was scheduled for same day but got postponed to next. So we went out. We went bowling to DB mall.

Day 3,4: GTO tasks were just amazing. We had 2 characters in our group who did exactly opposite to what the GTO briefed or group decided. The PGT, HGT, GOR were fun, so were GPE and GDs. I could complete 13 obstacles in the IO course.

For the CT, 4 of my friends called me, it was good to help them. For my CT, the GTO gave me really good one. Movable obstacles, rotating ones. He kept changing colors, not accepting my ideas, and still somehow when I completed, he asked my subordinates to leave and asked me to do another single obstacle. That was new for me, hadn’t heard of this happening before. On Day 3, I went for Interview right after Gto, in same dress, and the interview went okay. I couldn’t answer few questions but answered others pretty well.

We went out again to upper lake and to few other places.

Day 5 (25 Dec 2017): The night before Conference day, my friends and I stayed up quite late, talking and laughing. On the day, I was confident of making it. I was getting the vibes. I couldn’t afford not getting recommended. I had performed well.

I was called in after a 5min wait, I was asked normal questions, which made me sure that the result is going to be positive.

After lunch, we assembled in the hall, the DSO briefed us for good 30 minutes. He finally announced results. And I made it. I got recommended. I stood and spelled my name and went out of the hall. It was an amazing feeling. Just an utterly amazing. I was hoping for few more candidates getting recommended but only I made it. Then I met the President of the board, he congratulated and then I couldn’t stop smiling and being happy.

I informed my parents and my bestfriend. They were super happy 😀

Then medicals started, and the candidates recommended for NCC entry were also there, we became good friends ;D

It was an amazing and memorable experience. I had laughed my heart out during my stay there.