Revealed: Pak Is Arming Hizbul Mujahideen With Chemical Weapons, Will Lead To Full Scale War

Militants in Kashmir

Just a few days back, Laskhar-e-Taiba attacked at a bus coming from Amarnath and it lead to 7 pilgrims dying. The terrorist outfits are desperate after 90 militants are killed in last six months. Our armed forces are doing an amazing job of controlling the militants in the valley. Now, there is a news about Hizbul Mujahideen which is funded by Pakistan.

Militants who are killed in past.

News18 has got hands on transcriptions which has a conversation between Hijbul Mujahideen commander and his handler.

The HM commander speaks about how hard past months have been and they have got hold on chemical weapons which can cause massive destruction with minimum loss. According to them, one grenade can kill 3-4 people but chemical weapon will kill four hundred people in matter of few minutes.

“Peer Sahib [LeT chief Hafiz Muhammed Saeed] wants me, but my people want me back. Our next programme will be after Eid…We will plan our next move after Eid”, says the transcript. If this report is right, it will completely change how Indian army tackles the militants in the valley, it will lead to full scale war against Pakistan.

Pakistani politicians have shown support to Burhan Wani and they have been involved time and again in creating political sentiment to cause violence in the valley. Currently, Indian army has not only finished Burhan Wani, they have also eliminated all his successors in recent operations.

The transcript further added, “Inshallah, we are going to get lots of support from Pakistan…things are happening along the border. In days to come, Pakistan will step-up its anti-India game,” said a Hizbul operative. “Till now we’ve used grenade launchers on the Indian army…killing just 3-4 and injuring a few. But now it’s time to change our tactics. We will straightaway use chemical weapons…to kill as many as possible at the same time,” said another.

The armed forces are ever ready to protect India. The transcript has seen responses from some retired army soldiers who believe that Hijbul Mujhadeen might go for a big scale destruction and all that will lead to a fully fledged war.

Indian soldiers from 42nd Rashtriya Rifles (Assam) during COIN ops in Kashmir

Few days back, the attack at Amarnath pilgrims was another act of provoking India to take a strict action against the militants. The army, CRPF and Jammu & Kashmir police are on alert and doing a good job so far.

According to news18, BJP leader RK Singh said, “If this sort of escalation take place then that will lead to war. Handler of Hizbul Mujahideen need to think carefully. This will lead to massive outrage in India and world.” We hope things turn out good for the Indian army for they are the ones that protect us all day and night.

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