Rex Tillerson has a message for Pakistan


International affairs is a critical and rather complex subject, it’s an ocean full of uncertainties where there are no permanent friends and enemies. One such friendship which is about to sink is of US and Pakistan’s. The two have remained allies for decades to counter India. There was time when US saw India as one of its enemies and Pakistan a counter measure to avoid any direct conflict.

The US has supported Pakistan a lot to let it stand up to India. Providing arms and billions of dollars in aids was one of them. There  was time when the US was ready to take a direct military action against India to safeguard the Pakistani interest but was deterred by a strong India supported by the mighty soviets who assured India of help in case of any attack.

rex with shushma

But times have changed now. The new republican government is aware how the previous policies of the US for Pakistan have backfired on them. Pakistan has become the Global mother of terrorism. The state machinery has completely failed in many of its own areas. Which have become safe havens for terrorist activities.

After a series of statements by top American officials including the president the message has became completely clear. And Rex Tillerson has finally put a stamp on the end of this relationship. He made it completely clear that Pakistan would no longer get the US support until they do not stop sponsoring terrorism against other nations.

These steps taken by The United states are not completely benevolent. There is a secret intention to woo India in its favor. Moreover Pakistan has now almost become a slave state to China which is a US rival.

The other reason is growing Indian influence and power on the world stage. India has surpassed Pakistan in every stage and is now a competing with China.  Pakistan can no longer prove vital asset to the US foreign policy but having India on their side would prove vital to them. United States is already aware of the threat from Beijing. It cannot remain world leader for loner without allies and India perfectly tilts the tip in favour of the United States.

These developments are by en large good for India but we should not be overwhelmed and take whimsical decisions. India should remain neutral and reap the benefits of friendship with both Russia and China because in the end it’s always your own muscle which helps you most during a conflict.