Rolls-Royce Wants to collaborate on development of jet engines for India’s AMCA project


British jet engine-maker Rolls-Royce wants to collaborate with Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO) to develop gas turbine technology in India.

Glenn Kelly, Vice President Customer Business – Defence, Rolls-Royce India, told BusinessLine that “As a gas turbine engine company, naturally we are in constant discussion with DRDO on possible opportunities for technical collaboration in gas turbine technology. The UK government stands fully behind in transferring gas turbine technology to India. It is where we see our long-term future with regard to technology collaborations. We look forward to generating intellectual property in creating gas turbine technology in India,”.

UK Defence Minister Michael Fallon visited India in April and started collaboration with new techologies such as gas turbine engines and that might give a good boost to ties with Rolls Royce as well.

Rolls Royce also said that the gas turbine engine technology will be separately categorized under the Strategic Partnership Policy.

The company is also planning to launch the new Trent 700 jet engines that power the Airbus A330 tanker aircraft.

“We are planning to bring into India the new Trent 700 engines which will come with the A330 AWACS programme. But for that the Indian Air Force has to first place the order,” Kelly said.

The cover image was clicked by Gurbaksh Virdi which you can find here.