Russia didn’t show us this vehicle in Armata series


It was a long lasted buzz about the upcoming Armata Tank, which Russia announced in development in 2012 to replace its T-90 series. T-90’s were falling short in western and European counterparts, on the western front Russians face German developed Leopard 2A7+ and American M1A2 SepV2. Russia got many sanctioned by the European Union and in the channel of American market which crippled Russian economy in a massive way.

After Russia faced sanction which seems like a planned move of the west, just after that several conflicts broke out, NATO activities in Baltic region increases. Russia felt the need of improvements in its military equipments and the humongous military advancement project started in the full swing. After 3 years it was expected that Russia will showcase the new weapon system in its 70th Victory Parade.

Russia came with bangs

Grizzly of Asia showcased 3 highly sophisticated armored fighting vehicles to the world, which were complimenting Russian Military might.

T-14 “Amarta”

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T-15 IFV or also known as BMP-15

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Kurganets – 25 AIFV ( Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

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There is one vehicle which remained in the curtain, but in this age of digital media you can’t hide something for so long, a next generation Armoured Recovery Vehicle came into light as T-16 ARV  in the “Military Acceptance” channel “Star” in 2015, shortly after the anniversary of the Victory Parade.

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