Russia for the first time shows assembly line of new nuclear-powered cruise missiles


Russian Defense Ministry has released video showed for the first time the final assembly line of the new Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missiles.

The released video showed the several cruise missiles in red colored in a workshop, some of them already placed into launch containers. It is the first time when showing the assembly line of the newest Russian nuclear-powered cruise missiles.

According to the source in the Defense Ministry, the new nuclear-powered cruise missile, which is designed to have “unlimited range and unlimited ability to maneuver,” undergoes additional ground tests and is expected to get into flight tests following the tweaks.

Russia’s next-generation nuclear-powered cruise missiles are capable of hitting targets throughout the United States.

Meeting with members of the Senate Armed Services Committee in March, General Lori Robinson, head of the US Northern Command and North American Aerospace Command said she was “concerned” about the potential for those advanced cruise missiles, which could be launched from bombers or submarines at much greater ranges than legacy systems, to penetrate our air defense network due to their expanded range, low visibility, and limited radar cross-section.”

The main purpose of the new cruise missiles is the suppression of the operational bases of the probable enemy and the destruction of interceptor-based missile defenсe systems or group of ships with Aegis Ballistic Missile Defenсe System.

The missile has an intercontinental range in excess of 10,000+ kilometers (probably close to 20,000 kilometers) and may be equipped with a nuclear warhead.

This article is written by Dylan Malyasov (Founder of Defence-Blog)

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