Russia revealed new engine developed to power fifth generation aircraft


The Rostec State Corporation released photographs showing the heavily upgraded version of the AL-31F, that was developed for the Russian Air Force fifth-generation aircraft.

The new engine has been named “Izdeliye 30” and developed by NPO Saturn. The “Izdeliye 30” is a 30,000-lb class engine developed to power the Sukhoi Su-57 (T-50) twin-engine jet multirole fighter aircraft designed for air superiority and attack operations.

Photo: Press service of the mayor of Moscow

The new engine is a derivative of the initial powerplant developed for the PAK FA stealth aircraft. It is also notable that the engine is capable of mounting 3D thrust vectoring nozzles for extra maneuverability. The izdeliye 30 is designed to be 30% lower specific weight than its 117 predecessor.

Using the afterburner the engine develops up to 33,000 pounds of thrust. It features Thrust Vectoring Control (TVC), advanced materials, optimized radar cross-section and infrared (IR) signatures for stealth as well as Fully Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC).

The new engine is designed to produce approximately 108 kN (24,086 lbf) of dry thrust and 178 kN (39,680 lbf) in afterburner.

Pre-production T-50 and initial production batches of the Su-57 will use interim engines. Production fighters from 2020 onward will be equipped with a more powerful engine.

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